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Friday, 27 November 2015

My Botox Treatment

Hi everyone!

I thought for my most recent post it would be good to share my botox experience with you...
So many people are having botox now and so many are still unsure, I have always had my forehead done but this time, I had in between my brows and around my eyes to give my brows a "lift".
This was two days ago and already I can see the results around my eyes.
Its not painful and really doesn't take long, theres a few down time points to look out for such as; no gym for 24 hours and no heavy facials or waxing in the area for two weeks.
Please, please, please make sure you go to someone who has good credentials and knows their stuff. If its cheap, its cheap for a reason and you will probably pay twice as much to get it fixed.
Jackie at has been doing mine for a year now and knows how I like it to look, she's also happy to send me away if i don't need it doing yet - which is super important in the cosmetics industry as many are in it for the cash.
My next post is going to be on my new gadget; the Clarisonic - Mia 2. Lots of you have been asking about this so i will get it done asap.
If you would like to see similar videos or if there is anything else you are interested in, leave a comment for me,

Happy viewing x


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Eyebrow Tutorial


Hi Everyone!

It's been a long time since I have posted due to work being so busy, but I've had some free time today to make a wee video for you all.
Being the first ever video I have done, I'm super impressed I managed to edit it  - (computers are not my thing!)
I have used my favourite brow products in the video - MAC fluid line gel in true brunette with the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette in medium, using colour Banana to highlight and sharpen up my brows.

Hope you enjoy it,

Amy xx

Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Winter Prep Essentials

Winter is officially here which means my skin has gone to pot and my wardrobe needs some inspiration. 
Elle Magazine has always been my go to, Vogue has never quite cut it for me and although I always buy it to look pretty on my bookshelf, i've never found it good for inspiring me with new trends. It's full of designer ads and that's about it (sorry vogue lovers!) 
Elle has a great mix of high street and designer brands when doing trend edits and the cosmetic section is always great for keeping me up to date with the latest releases. 
As for my now dull, pale complexion which is enough to put anyone off their cuppa in the mornings - I've found the solution! 
Retriderm Protein Rich Skin Serum from Aestheticare. 
This product is definitely not for the faint hearted, it contains 0.5% Retinol which is amazing for skin resurfacing, be sure to use an SPF after using it (2-3 times per week), skin becomes sensitive - I told you it was strong!
This product will literally change your life and is available from 


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Perfect Brow

Currently, the focus part of everyones makeup routine and the "face changer" is eyebrows! 
Making sure your brows suit you is crucial, the diagram below indicates the way your brow should sit.
I have also added a picture of how my brow looks before i add foundation.
Its as simple as 1,2,3...
  1. Use your pencil/gel or shadow to outline you brow shape, start 1cm back from the front of the brow and add a gradual build up of product to make the tail the darkest area.
  2. Brush out the front of the brown to give an "ombre" effect and allow for a more natural look.
  3. Conceal around the brow with a light concealer (i use Mac, NC15) and buff out, ready for foundation.


I will be doing a short brow video soon so stay tuned, i just have to get the camera working/get someone else to get it working!
Hopefully this is of help to all of you brow perfectionists, any questions, get in touch x


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Everyday Makeup in 10 Minutes

Hello! Today I thought it was a good idea to share my basic, everyday makeup routine, in most of the pictures I post I have a full face of make up, but day to day this is all i wear, I have listed the items below in the order I use them.

Primer - Mac Prep and Prime Illuminating Base - Yellow.
Eyebrows - Mac Fluidline - True Brunette .
Concealer around the brows and eyelid - Anastasia Beverley Hills Medium Creme Contour (top left colour).
Under Eye Corrective - Illamasqua Cream Pigment - Emerge. This is amazing for erasing those dark circles!
Foundation - MAC Studio Fix - NC30.
Powder - Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - 2 - . Balances out complexion, use sparingly to the under eye, bridge of nose and forehead.
Mascara - Dream Weave (available at All About Eve). This mascara is the dream! Comes off in tubes when wet, no need for makeup remover and no panda eyes!
Highlight - Becca - Moonstone.
Contour - Mac Mineralise Skinfinish - Give Me Sun!
Lip  - Mac Lipstick - Freckle Tone. Mac Liner - Spice. A nice warm neutral, i don't suit too pale a colour.

This process takes me about 10 minutes, perfect for an early start!


Friday, 9 October 2015

Smokey Eyes For Autumn

Hi! Welcome to my first ever blog post...
I have listed the products used for this warm smokey eye below, feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Eyebrows - MAC Fluidline Gel - True Brunette.
Concealer around brows - Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette - Medium (top left colour.)
Eyelid Primer - Mac Prolongwear Pot - Soft Ochre.
Eyeshadow - Mac - Carbon, Texture and Primary Yellow Pigment.
Foundation - Mac - Studio Fix NC30.
Highlight - Becca - Moonstone.
Contour - Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette - (bottom middle colour)
Contour Powder - Mac - Mineralise Skin Finish - Give Me Sun.
Lip - Mac - Liner - Spice. Lipstick - Fresh Brew.

Enjoy x
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